Activating Consciousness
Imagine . . .  Trying to Live a Normal Life  as a Fugitive from Justice.
Sometimes, it takes  a little help from some very unusual friends!

It's a Memoir, a Social Commentary, and very Multidimensional.
An Absolute . . . Must-Read Book for anyone wanting to know . . .  there is so much more !!!

The Crystal Chrysalis - Part Two
To understand and appreciate this book . . . you should first read Part One.

It's the continuing story about someone who had lost literally everything.
In essence . . . he had died to all he had been before, and could never go back.

All he could do was to recreate an entirely new reality by first breaking free from the Crystal Prison, and then to find the Crystal Chrysalis, where he could heal his wounds from the past . . . but still, someday he knew he must face the darkness. He realized, he couldn't go back and change what had happened, but he could change people's attitudes by writing a bestselling novel, which he did . . .  with the help of an 800-year-old Scottish spirit and an ancient Archangel.

This is a book about letting go of old beliefs that no longer serve us, or the world we live in.  It's also about enlightenment, self-empowerment,  sovereignty, and freedom consciousness.  It also one of the best book you'll ever read.

Reg. Retail Price $17.99
New 2019 1st Edition ...  428 Pages
ISBN: 978-1-944781-39-2 .
6 x 9 Paperback
Tags: Spiritual Prison Reform

This novel, based on true events, will rock the foundation of all you believe about yourself, and the world.
What if you lost everything, but could never go back to what was before?  After all, once you’ve escaped from the matrix of the toxic smog of the Crystal Prison … why would you even want to? 

For real transformation to take place…requires getting away from the distractions of everyday life, much like in a cocoon … but it’s more 'a state of mind' … then an actual place.

I call it…the Crystal Chrysalis, where you find forgiveness, redemption, and self-realization …

This is a fictional novel based on true events. It was written (1) to raise awareness about the need for prison reform … (2) to show that the ‘spirit realm’ is in fact very real … so you are never alone…and (3) to share just a bit of wisdom. It’s multilayered, a memoir, and a social commentary that offers exciting revelations about living a spiritual life … letting go of old beliefs, and learning to rise above 'the mind' of mass consciousness .  . . in order to find the true meaning of freedom.

It's also about the new energies that are here . . . how they function, and how to work with them.

Each chapter is filled with new surprises about the meaning of freedom and experiencing the many human potentials that are still yet unknown to most of those now living on the planet.

Just reading it, will change your perspective about everything you now believe.
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